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Basic Digital Marketing Course

Advance Digital Marketing Course

What You Will Learn?

What if we all directly attended class 12 without learning the lessons of class 1 to 11? It wouldn’t work, right? Then how can you learn SEO without learning the basics of Digital Marketing? And don’t you think that it’s better to begin with a solid foundation to achieve desired results in your Career? Well, we truly believe in it.

And, considering this fact, our first module is all about Digital Marketing Basics and it’s an overview. So, let’s start a Digital Marketing Course in Raipur right from the beginning. This module will cover the Digital Marketing phase in its initial period. It is further divided into 2 sub categories:

  • Overview of Digital Marketing as an Industry
  • Categories of Online Marketing

Is there any benefit of a swimming costume when you don’t know how to swim? Obviously, a BIG NO. Then what is the benefit of learning Digital Marketing, when you don’t know how to develop content for it? Well, we often heard that Content is King. But no one genuinely teaches the right way of developing the original, error-free & user-friendly content that ranks well on Search Engine Pages. And if it is not visible, there is no benefit of writing it.

But don’t worry, we are here with our remarkable Content Development techniques. Enrol with the best Digital Marketing Institute in Raipur and learn to develop content that is not just a King rather the Whole Kingdom. At the end of the module, you will get to learn:

  • Content Planning (Writing Skills)
  • Content Writing (Development)
  • Role of Content for Search Engine Optimization
  • What is content marketing?
  • How to implement content marketing perfectly?

Remember the time when you replaced your boring lectures with your creativity on the backside of your notebook. You are smiling for sure, right?  And, you still love creating different images on the internet. Then this module is for you. Yes, you read right. 

After proofing ourselves in the field of digital marketing & website creation for different organisations across the nation. Now, we have launched the best digital marketing course in Raipur. 

One of its modules is all about providing the remarkable skills of Graphics Designing in the Digital world. This module will covered mainly 2 topics and these are as follows:

  • Basics of Adobe Illustrator 
  • Basic of Photoshop

While searching for something on the internet, sometimes it happens that you got impressed by a particular website, isn’t it? Also, sometimes you get upset with web designs and wishes to teach the lesson of web creations to the designer of that particular website, right? Well, no worry, your wish is going to fulfil with the best digital marketing institute in Raipur.

Yes, it is possible. Till now, you have used websites but now it’s time to design websites. Learn to create amazing web designs with us to become an example in the digital world. 

This module is all about Web Designing. And it will cover the deep knowledge on the below-mentioned topics.

  • Online themes, Plugins and Widgets
  • WordPress Templates

As you are ready to design the internet with your creativity and colours. Then, why fly without an oxygen mask even after knowing that you will surely need it. You didn’t understand, right? Wait let us explain to you with the help of our current module of the best digital marketing course in Raipur.

Design Optimization is the essence of Web Development. It acts more like oxygen for web designing. You can’t design good sites without understanding this concept. So, let’s understand this module deeply. This module will mainly cover 8 topics that are as follows:

  • Introduction
  • Visual and Aesthetics
  • Content Optimization
  • Compatibility
  • Usability
  • Backend Optimization
  • Speed Optimization
  • Creating Responsive apps & websites

You are worried that you are from a non-technical background and don’t even know how to code. But wanted to learn website designing, Right? Don’t worry, it’s time to smile. Traffic Tail has come with its best digital marketing course in Raipur.  And, now it is ready to make you the digital marketing expert. 

This module is all about making you a website designer without coding, just with the help of WordPress. Learn all the fundamentals of WordPress in no time. This module is consist of 13 key topics of WordPress that are as follows:

  • Creating posts and pages
  • Formatting text
  • Publishing and scheduling posts
  • Adding images, audio, and video
  • Bulk editing posts and pages
  • Customizing themes and menus
  • Using widgets
  • Extending WordPress with plugins
  • Editing user profiles
  • Configuring settings
  • Getting new readers
  • Keeping WordPress up to date and secure
  • Managed WordPress

You love to be on number 1, right? Then why to let your website behind? Whether it is a Search Engine or a Website, optimization is important. It is completely fine even if you are unaware of the topic. We are here, being the best digital marketing institute in Raipur to brush up your website Optimisation skills with the latest tools and technologies.

This module is all about website optimization and is comprised of 8 topics that are as follows:

  • Understanding website optimization
  • Understanding how browsers render content
  • Measuring performance
  • Optimizing images
  • Optimizing code
  • Minifying HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
  • Compressing data with GZIP
  • Optimizing file caching & Leveraging CDNs

You love social media, right? How about earning money while enjoying the reels from your favourite influencer? Sounds interesting, right? Well, it is not a lie just to impress you. Many people are genuinely earning from it. Don’t know how? Well, we will guide you through this. We are the best digital marketing institute in Raipur and committing you to teach all the skills of Social Media Marketing.

Check our below-mentioned topics of Social Media Marketing to get an idea for the module. 

  • Fundamentals of Social Media Marketing
  • Nature of each Social Media Platform and audience characteristics
  • Resources and efforts needed by a company
  • When should you outsource
  • How to measure Social Media Marketing ROI
  • Social Media marketing tools
  • Campaign Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Social Media Marketing Execution Strategy
  • Social Media Marketing Execution needs

You know how to upload a picture on Facebook, right? Also, you put check-ins with your friends every time you go out with them, isn’t it? And you scroll it for no reason, chat with friends, and react to their stories. But why are you not using it for expanding yourself? Did you say that you don’t know Facebook Marketing? It’s okay, we will help you out. Enrol for our specially designed best digital marketing course in Raipur to brush up on your Facebook marketing skills.

This module is all about Facebook Marketing Techniques. You will get to learn all the aspects of digital marketing from the beginning to end. This module is made up of all the below-mentioned topics. Let’s go through all the topics.

  • Difference between organic and paid marketing
  • Facebook page creation
  • Setting up the brand page based on business
  • Facebook Post
  • Best practices of Posting
  • Setting auto responses in Inbox section
  • Chatbot integration in Facebook messenger

Instagram is another big player that captures a huge target audience of the digital world. It is not possible that you are planning to learn digital marketing but aren’t aware of Instagram. Till now, you must have used Instagram for almost every kind of fun activity. But have you ever thought about how it can help you for your Career growth? Not really, right? 

Now, as you have decided to learn digital marketing from the best digital marketing institute from Raipur, let’s focus on creating wealth even while enjoying it. This module will teach you how you can utilize Instagram for expansion and growth. This module will cover the below-mentioned topics:

  • Introduction to Instagram
  • Difference between personal & professional accounts.
  • Business Account setup.
  • Best practices of organic Instagram promotions
  • Check the insights.
  • Post promotion on Instagram
  • Case study

LinkedIn is the emerging platform in the social media world. It is the platform for professionals who are more dedicated to building their careers rather than indulging in fun activities. And you can easily find a serious and specific audience there. Do you know how you can utilize LinkedIn for marketing your brand and skills? If not, then the best digital marketing course in Raipur is welcoming you with open arms. 

We are the best digital marketing institute in Raipur. Our main focus is to spread digital marketing knowledge among the citizens of this country. This module will teach you all the Linkedin Marketing techniques that you can use to upgrade yourself. This module will cover the below-mentioned topics:

  • Introduction to LinkedIn
  • Difference between paid and organic promotions
  • Company page creation
  • Post on LinkedIn
  • Best practices
  • LinkedIn Sales Navigator

You follow many celebrities on the social media platform, right? And some of them are not basically from the Bollywood Industry but still doing their best. And, you implement their advice in your life, right or not? But do you know that you take their help for the promotion of any product and brand? Maybe some of you know about it and some might not. And it is completely fine if you do not know about it. That is why we are here.

Aren’t you fantasized about the word blogging? I am sure that you are. Maybe some of you are the die-heart fan of some of the bloggers. And, wishing to be one. Right or not? Then what is stopping you? Go and accomplish your dream. But you don’t know how to go about it, right? 

Well, we are with you. Yes, the best digital marketing institute of Raipur is with you. 

Explore the Blogging module from the best digital marketing course in Raipur. Let’s learn blogging together from starting to end and accomplish your dream. This module is consists of the below-mentioned topics:

  • Introduction to Blogging
  • Choosing blogging platform
  • as a blogging platform – its pros and cons
  • Setting up account and buying of domain
  • Creation of WordPress Post
  • 5 Step plan to succeed in blogging
  • Role of analytics in blogging
  • analytics
  • Self-hosted WordPress Blog on your domain
  • Benefits of self hosted WordPress blog
  • Google Analytics
  • Blogging best practices

Do you want to earn money? You must be thinking- “Ahh, what a stupid question.” who wouldn’t, right? Then why are you not earning? When a 13 years old kid can do it, then why can’t you do it? Because you don’t know, how to? Right? Don’t we are here. We will guide you through everything. 

Just enrol in our digital marketing course in Raipur and learn everything about Google Adsense at your pace. This module is specifically designed to make you aware of the Google Adsense fundamentals. Have the digital marketing training in Raipur and get ready to earn as much as you want from the internet. This module will cover the below-mentioned topics:

  • Blog monetization
  • Explaining Google Adsense
  • Setting up Google Adsense account and integration with the website
  • Best practices for maximum returns

Willing to know more ways to earn from the internet? Here is the key. Affiliate Marketing is the method to earn money by referring to any product or service. Don’t know much about it? Connect us today to learn about it. 

We are the best digital marketing institute in Raipur. And, are ready to share with you our best digital marketing training in Raipur. This module is designed to teach you all the fundamentals of Affiliate Marketing. Read our module content to know more about it.

  • Introduction to Affiliate Marketing
  • Benefits of Affiliate Marketing
  • Amazon Affiliate Program
  • Amazon Affiliate Program Account setup and integration with the site
  • Various types of Affiliate Programs
  • Choosing right Affiliate Network
  • Introduction to affiliate marketer Journey
  • Affiliate marketing monetization
  • Role of social media marketing in affiliate marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing Program creation

Do you love online shopping? Well, most people do. And, this pandemic increases the need of eCommerce sites. Then how about setting one for yourself? Ahh, we know you don’t know how to set up one. That’s why we are here. Learn to create an eCommerce site and how to market it as well with our specially designed digital marketing course in Raipur.

Learn one to all skills of eCommerce Marketing in this module. Go through its content in the below-mentioned list.

  • Introduction to eCommerce Marketing
  • Platforms to develop eCommerce Site
  • 7 steps to start an eCommerce site.
  • Introduction to Shopify
  • Setting up a Shopify account
  • Adding products to Shopify & create categories
  • Setting up themes to the Shopify account
  • Shopify Payment Gateway Integration
  • eCommerce best practices
  • Introduction to WooCommerce
  • Adding products on WooCommerce & create categories
  • Setting up theme to the WooCommerce account & create homepage
  • eCommerce Analytics
  • Marketing Automation using Zapier

Now, it’s time to end using Facebook just for doing fun activities. And, high time to utilize Facebook for creating brand awareness, generating leads and earning money. Learn Facebook Ads concept in our digital marketing course in Raipur. 

This module will cover the below-mentioned topics.

  • Types of campaign
  • Campaign planning
  • Creating Facebook Ad campaign
  • Remarketing campaigns on Facebook
  • Facebook Ad and different campaigns
  • Choosing correct marketing objective for a campaign
  • Traffic campaign on Facebook
  • Leads campaign on Facebook
  • Conversion campaign on Facebook
  • FB pixel
  • Remarketing Campaigns
  • Case study

Now, it’s time to shift using Google from searching to utilize it for creating brand awareness, generating leads and targeting the right set of audience. Learn Google Ads concept in our digital marketing course in Raipur. 

This module will cover the below-mentioned topics.

  • Basics of Google Ads
  • Optimizing the Ads Account

Now, it’s time to end using LinkedIn just for finding job opportunities.  And, high time to utilize it for spreading brand awareness and generating high-quality leads. Learn LinkedIn Ads concept in our digital marketing course in Raipur. 

This module will cover the below-mentioned topics.

  • LinkedIn Ad Account
  • Types of LinkedIn Campaign
  • LinkedIn ad traffic campaign
  • LinkedIn lead ads campaign
  • LinkedIn website conversion campaign
  • Campaign performance
  • Case study discussion

Enrol in our digital marketing course in Raipur to understand the concept of Google Analytics. This module comprises of below-mentioned topics:

  • Google Analytics & its application

Do you want to learn how to sell, support your customers and provide outreach Techniques? Well, this topic covers all your issues. We are the best digital marketing institute in Raipur, focused to brush your skills with our remarkable digital marketing course in Raipur. 

This module covers the below-mentioned topics:

  • Website types & terminologies
  • The Art of Pitching
  • Product Positioning
  • Pricing Models
  • Negotiation techniques
  • Structuring Sales proposals
  • Customer Service Concepts
  • Managing Customer
  • Automate Routine Tasks

Enrol with our best digital marketing course in Raipur to learn how to convert potential buyers into actual buyers. This module will teach you the best Email Marketing practices that you use for your career growth.

This module is consists of the following topics:

  • Setting up email campaigns
  • Email marketing 

Last but not least, upscale your career with the Advanced Digital Marketing training in Raipur. This module will cover all the advanced topics of Digital Marketing that will help you to perform well in your workplace.

This module will cover the below-mentioned topics:

  • Digital Marketing Advanced concepts
  • Integrated Campaign Thinking and Planning
  • Online Reputation Management
  • Monetizing the inventory
  • Google Chrome extensions

Jobs in the field of Digital Marketing

Every investor asks for a return rate even before investing. Then why shouldn’t you?

Hoping that till now, you are convinced to learn Digital Marketing course with the best digital marketing institute in Raipur. But maybe not sure about the career opportunities in the Digital Marketing field. And wishing to learn more about career opportunities after completing a digital marketing course successfully, right? Well, we already understood your concern and prepared the list of work profiles where you can apply for your first shot.

Product Marketing Jobs

Content Marketing Jobs

Social Media Marketing Jobs

Design Jobs

SEO Jobs

Web Development Jobs

Market Analytics Jobs

Ecommerce Jobs

About your Instructors

Mr. Shubham

Digital world is replete with freelancer SEO experts and the amateur Digital Marketers claiming to be best in industry. Finding the right Digital Marketer in Delhi can be a challenging task. There are several fraud Digital Marketing companies who take projects by luring people with false promises and steal their out hard earned money. There are also some amateur Digital Marketers in online world too who have only theoretical knowledge but no practical experience.

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It can help you in many ways. With the help of Digital Marketing you can generate business and also makes your online business. 

You’ll get the opportunity to work on the live projects, after completing the particular topic. 

Yes absolutely. As today everything is going online so the question of getting job is just…. This course is fully job oriented 

There are numerous benefits of Digital Marketing. If you are a student you can work as a freelancer by doing our course and if you have a business then you can scale it with the help of digital marketing. 

You need no specific degree or qualification to possess this course. If you are in school, in college or in job you can do this course.

You don’t need to completely shift on Digital Marketing if you have good reputation and business in traditional market. You can go both traditional and online at the same time. This helps you more in scaling up your business.

Yes. This will add extra skill and also helps you to understanding online market more.

Anyone can do digital marketing course whether a school student, graduate, a housewife, job working people or anyone can do this course.

Yes. There are many modules in Digital Marketing Course. You can do specialization in any of them..

It basically depends on your skills. If you are a fresher and have excellent skills, you can get a good salary. But normally the salary of fresher is between 15 k to 25k and if you are a professional then salary is 60-70k per month or even more depending on the company.

After doing our Digital Marketing course you can get job in different fields. Either you become a Web Developer, a Social Media Marketer, a SEO expert, PPC manager and many more. The salary of all the posts are good their is no need to worry.

We provide you with many modules in our courses. The detailed we have discussed above.

You can simply enroll in our course and get access to all the course material.

Every course we offered is of different time span, but normally the time of each course is not so long.

Yes. After completing the course, Webcademy provide you the certificate.

Try not to miss the class, but if you miss the class then no problem, we’ll provide you with the recorded session of that particular class.

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