Skills-Focused Performance Marketing Training in Noida: Top 9 Institutes Reviewed

Performance Marketing Training in Noida

Performance marketing has become one of the most successful digital marketing tactics for firms seeking quantifiable outcomes. The industry is expanding by over 20% yearly. Thus, performance marketing specialists are in demand across sectors. Performance marketing training schools and certifications have sprung up to fulfill talent needs.

Several top performance marketing Training in Noida provide in-depth performance marketing programs for fresh graduates and working professionals wishing to upskill or migrate into digital marketing.

By comparing these factors, readers may choose the finest performance marketing school for their learning needs. The institutes covered offer short certification programs to comprehensive postgraduate diplomas in paid search, social media advertising, programmatic buying, affiliate marketing, and more, as well as data analysis, funnel optimization, and campaign management.

This evaluation will help you choose the best performance marketing Training in Noida for high-performance marketing skills training, whether you want to start over or specialize.

Webcademy Noida: Performance Marketing Training in Noida

Established in 2010, Webcademy has become a performance marketing Training in Noida. Google, Meta, and HubSpot-powered nine-month postgraduate program in performance marketing complements Webcademy extensive SEO and social media marketing courses.

Collaborating with these digital titans, the curriculum and courseware reflect the newest performance marketing principles and techniques. Core courses teach paid search marketing, social media & mobile app advertising, programmatic ad purchasing, affiliate marketing, funnel optimization, and analytics, which are in demand.

The program uses influencer marketing, streaming commercials, and linked TV ads to fulfill all performance marketing needs.

Faculty & Learning Experience

The team of industry specialists with 8 to 15 years of performance marketing and analytics expertise at top organizations makes the program strong. Webcademy stands out for its real-world insights and individualized faculty coaching to prepare students for advanced marketing careers.

It emphasizes hands-on learning via interactive seminars, actual projects, and corporate marketing tools. The cutting-edge digital marketing labs provide students with hands-on experience with Google Ads, Google Analytics, Meta Business Suite, HubSpot, and more to apply classroom principles.

Career Placements

Thanks to its business contacts, Webcademy has placed over 80% of students in performance marketing careers across industries. Large digital marketing agencies and brand-side marketing teams are placement partners. Students need certification training, résumé preparation, and soft skills coaching to pass interviews and get their first job in this competitive industry. The placement cell helps.

Webcademy is a leading performance marketing Training in Noida due to its industry-focused curriculum, SME faculty, and placement record. Webcademy’s comprehensive education boosts employability for those entering this fast-growing sector.

Digital Floats

Established in 2016, Digital Floats is a leading digital marketing training college that trains future specialists. They teach web analytics, content marketing, and conversion rate optimization, but their expertise is performance marketing training on paid advertising purchasing and optimization.

Their six-month advanced performance marketing certification program is 100% practical, instructor-led, and focuses on managing and improving pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns.

Specialized PPC Expertise

All faculty members are Google and Meta certified PPC marketers with 5+ years of expertise in designing, executing, and optimizing high-budget campaigns. Their coaches have run sponsored search and social media campaigns for top BFSI, education, healthcare, and e-commerce organizations.

Students learn technical optimization, advanced bid administration, campaign troubleshooting, performance analysis, and reporting to scale and maximize ROI from sponsored ad campaigns.

Immersive Hands-On Training

Digital Floats uses realistic projects and tasks for comprehensive hands-on instruction. The institute’s high-end lab equipment gives students access to corporate advertising platforms to manage live campaigns.

Experts help students set up accounts, manage bids and budgets, create appropriate advertising and landing pages, and measure conversion metrics for campaign performance reports. This gives performance marketing students hard skills for paid media jobs.

Digital Floats is a leading performance marketing institution in Delhi NCR that provides practical training in paid advertising for company success.

Henry Harvin Education

For over 12 years, Henry Harvin has been a leading professional education and skills trainer in India. Henry Harvin, a renowned ed tech institution for new-age digital marketing, provides performance marketing courses for novices and executives wishing to upskill or move into digital marketing.

Course Plans Customized

Henry Harvin’s performance marketing programs stand out because students may pick between basic, intermediate, and advanced modules depending on their skill level and professional aspirations. Short-term certifications in Google Ads, Facebook Ads, YouTube Ads, etc., or a 12-month postgraduate diploma with 24+ specialization modules focused on paid media, affiliate marketing, or app store optimization based on interests are available.

Industry Immersion

To help performance marketers flourish, Henry Harvin provides guest lectures and seminars by renowned digital marketing executives outside of class. Online knowledge portals with award-winning e-learning tools help students keep current on methods and trends.

GroupM, Dentsu, and WPP, who recruit top performers, acknowledge Henry Harvin’s Post Graduate credentials because of their demanding curriculum. Henry Harvin creates diverse performance marketing abilities for early career workers and seasoned digital marketers with individualized instruction from qualified teachers and mentors.

Henry Harvin is a leading Indian destination for flexible and thorough performance marketing training for varied job choices.


The innovative Advanced Certification in Performance Marketing Marketing from EduPristine combines recorded lectures, live seminars, evaluations, and projects.

Google, Meta, and HubSpot-certified faculty create and teach the course, assuring expert-led training on top marketers’ platforms and technologies.

Practical and Interactive Pedagogy

A cloud-based, hands-on lab lets students manage corporate advertising platform campaign operations. The institution hosts hackathons and actual customer projects to provide students with real-world performance marketing experience.

The curriculum teaches analytics-driven skills such as campaign optimization, bid management, audience research, and reporting to assist learners in making data-driven campaign effectiveness and ROI choices.

Candidates get certificates for managing integrated performance marketing campaigns across search, social, display, and other digital channels. EduPristine trains performance marketers for success with top SME faculty and results-focused teaching.


DSIM provides a comprehensive Performance Marketing and Analytics Post Graduate Program in partnership with a top institution. This 12-month course covers search engine marketing, social media marketing, content marketing, mobile app marketing, programmatic advertising, and more.

The program trains students to manage performance marketing across crucial digital platforms, making them adaptable employer assets.

DSIM uses simulations, in-class activities, and faculty presentations to demonstrate topics. Students may practice campaign management using online information portals and tools.

IIHT Noida

IIHT Noida’s 1-year DMAI-approved PG Diploma in Digital Marketing and Analytics emphasizes data-driven performance marketing.

Industry leaders and Google-certified instructors teach fact-based advertising and marketing decision-making.

Students learn online analytics, data visualization, A/B testing, and campaign KPI monitoring for ongoing improvement to boost marketing ROI in this performance marketing Training in Noida.

Digital Scholar

Digital Scholar, a leading digital marketing workshop provider since 2010, is well-regarded. Performance marketing schools let students specialize in paid search, social media advertising, affiliate marketing, or email marketing.

The workshop approach is practical training with live demonstrations, in-class tasks, and advertising tools to run active campaigns. Certified specialists teach students technical principles and industry best practices for channel effectiveness.

The performance marketing institute in Noida creates specific profiles based on program initiatives to stand out to recruiters as channel specialists during job applications.

Digital Academy

Digital Academy’s online instructor-led (OIL) performance marketing certification course makes excellent training accessible to working professionals and remote learners.

In six months, 15+ year industry experts teach over 350 hours of live online classes on search engine marketing, social media marketing, mobile app ads, programmatic display ads, affiliate marketing, data analysis, funnel optimization, and campaign management.

Kunal Choudhary Classes

The founder of Kunal Choudhary Classes is a digital marketing expert with 12 years of experience leading performance marketing at Zoomcar, Grofers, and Roposo. His experience managing significant advertising budgets across paid channels inspired him to start this media planning and purchasing training college.

The 6-month advanced certification curriculum covers campaign budget management, ad inventory negotiation and blocking, attribution monitoring, and analytics for optimum allocation across search, social, and display advertisements.

Kunal mentors students on advertising purchasing tactics based on his considerable optimization expertise creating revenues for internet firms in groups of 15-20.


Quality performance marketing training and certifications help freshers and working professionals meet the needs of digitally skilled personnel across industries in India, where demand is expanding fast.

The profiled institutes show that Noida is a top destination for performance marketing Training in Noida, like paid media optimization, analytics, media planning, and more, with options for short-term certifications to postgraduate diplomas.

All institutions teach search engine marketing, social media marketing, and affiliate marketing, but their specializations, pedagogies, and instructors differ. Students must evaluate their skills, interests, and professional aspirations to choose an institution.

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Q. What is the average course fee in Noida’s performance marketing institutes?

Performance marketing courses in Noida cost differently depending on certification and length. Short-term certificates cost ₹15,000 to ₹35,000 for 3-6 months. Advanced postgraduate certificates typically cost ₹60,000 to ₹150,000 for 6-12 months. Some companies provide simple EMIs.

Q. Which institutes provide better infrastructure and tool access?

Webcademy, Digital Floats, EduPristine, and Henry Harvin have high-tech laboratories featuring Google Ads, Google Analytics, Facebook Business Manager, MongoDB, Tableau, and more for hands-on learning. This practical experience boosts skill-building significantly.

Q. Do all institutes offer placement assistance and guarantees?

Most institutions provide resume development, practice interviews, and recruiter networks, but job placements vary. Webcademy, Henry Harvin, and DSIM place 80%+ % of students across batches. Others may need placement assurances to help.



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