7 Best Institutes Offering Social Media Marketing Course in Noida Sector 16

Social Media Marketing Course in Noida Sector 16

Businesses need social media to reach current consumers. Research suggests over 3.6 billion individuals utilize social media worldwide. Thus, Social Media Marketing Course in Noida Sector 16 are in high demand. Over 91% of marketers use social media for branding and growth. The advanced social media marketing course may help you improve your digital marketing skills for more career opportunities. We will go above and above to assist you succeed as a digital marketer.

After live classes from expert teachers, students will do practical exercises and homework. The professional social media marketing course is suitable for students who wish to further their career, establish a digital marketing job, or improve their marketing abilities. Anyone may enroll in our live classroom training in Noida to learn digital marketing and get one of the most prestigious diplomas, which will boost professional chances.

We have listed the best 7 institutes offering social media marketing course in Noida Sector 16. 

7 Top-rated Social Media Marketing Course in Noida Sector 16


Webcademy is the best place to take a social media marketing course in Noida Sector 15. They have been at the forefront of developing innovative courses for the ever-changing field of digital marketing for more than ten years. They offer accredited programs that have helped many students and professionals thus far.

There are many modules Webcademy offers in the social media marketing course in Noida Sector 16. The 6-month curriculum finds the sweet spot between classroom instruction and practical experience. For classes that rely heavily on visual aids and interactive activities, their state-of-the-art facility has the most recent technology.

Webcademy’s foundational courses cover the ins and outs of social media sites, including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter. The course also delves into other related modules such as influencer marketing, creating viral content, using user-generated content, optimizing company pages, making ads that convert, and much more. At every turn, powerful analytics built with Sprout Social monitor campaign results and adjust as needed.

After completing Webcademy’s social media marketing course in Noida Sector 16, participants also get access to real-life campaign assignments and special placement support. Their social media marketing courses in Noida are unrivaled, with a 95% satisfaction rate among their previous students. After finishing the course, they can better negotiate competitive salaries thanks to their highly sought-after qualifications.

The Delhi Institute of Digital Marketing

A forerunner in the field of social media marketing course in Noida Sector 15, the Delhi Institute of Digital Marketing first opened its doors to students in 2010. They provide both intensive and more relaxed classes, covering all the newest internet channels and niches.

Discover the ins and outs of audience engagement on top platforms like LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook in their 2-month social media marketing crash course. Proven strategies for analytics, sponsored advertising, organic content marketing, and more are all part of the curriculum. Small batch sizes provide individualized care and the resolution of uncertainties. Upon finishing the course, you will also have access to revision modules.

Ekwik Digital

Digital marketing school Ekwik Digital is located in Noida, Sector 16. In their 8-week certification seminars, they strive to teach social media marketing at an affordable price.

When teaching social media basics, they utilize successful online campaigns as examples. Practical experience teaches platform algorithms, content formats, and engagement strategies. Basic advertising tactics include LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook.

Ekwik Digital, one of the best social media marketing course in Noida Sector 16, also covers analytics, influencer program best practices, online reputation management, and conversation map design. Memory-building activities are central to each session. Their classes are perfect for beginners and experienced marketers learning social media marketing. Alumni get exclusive access to a knowledge portal and post-course support.

Htl Infotech

The top digital marketing school, Htl Infotech, is in Noida Sector 63. Over 500 students have learned social media marketing from their active staff.

Their comprehensive social media marketing course in Noida Sector 16 covers strategy, execution, and today’s top platforms. The basics include paid social advertising, social listening, influencer marketing, community management, and organic content optimization.

Htl Infotech training helps with analytics, so you can observe your audience’s interests and campaign performance. They teach platform essentials and innovative social media marketing tactics to boost brand exposure and focused traffic.

The college offers flexible batch scheduling for working professionals. Their experienced professors ensure students understand the topic via real-world marketing activities. HTL’s social media program benefits anybody entering marketing or building a consumer base.

Ims Proschool

With over 55 campuses in India, IMS Proschool is a pioneer in digital marketing training. Their social media marketing course in Noida, Sector 16, prepares students to manage and optimize company development on social media.

Their extensive course covers Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, and more. Their lessons include sophisticated paid advertising, influencer marketing program best practices, viral content forms, and organic marketing.

The social media course at IMS Proschool includes hands-on instruction in analytics products, including Sprout Social, Google Analytics, and Meta’s Business Suite. Learn how to use data to improve audience knowledge and campaign optimization.

Learners may choose classroom or online live instruction according to their schedules. Institute alumni get post-course assistance and special knowledge portal access. IMS Proschool, India’s premier digital marketing training school, delivers incomparable value. Their social media curriculum helps marketers and businesses maximize these powerful networks.


Digiperform offers specialized digital marketing training in Noida Sector 63. Their complete social media marketing course in Noida Sector 16 covers Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

The program includes strategic and tactical execution. Content optimization, community development, influencer marketing, social listening, online reputation management, and paid advertising are key talents. Learning analytics and reporting using applicable technologies are very extensive.

Digiperform’s social media certification emphasizes small batch sizes for optimal involvement. Flexible scheduling is available for working professionals. The faculty includes prominent marketers from top agencies and businesses. Case studies and campaign simulations provide students with real-world experience growing businesses on social media.

Digiperform’s social media marketing course has a 100% placement rate and is valuable for digital careers across industries.

TechVidya Career Pvt. Ltd.

Delhi-NCR-based TechVidya is a leading marketing skills training center. The 4-month social media marketing course in Noida Sector 15 builds proficiency across the main platforms.

Senior digital marketing gurus’ course balances strategies and implementation. Their curriculum incorporates influencer marketing, online reputation management, paid advertising, and analytics in addition to organic methods.

After two months of idea modules, the following two are hands-on tasks. TechVidya prepares students for end-to-end social campaign management jobs. The institution helps with placement.


Today’s social media dominance makes social marketing talents valuable and in demand. Marketers and entrepreneurs should get professional training to maximize their potential. Fortunately, our post lists numerous great institutes that give social media marketing course in Noida Sector 15.

All choices include thorough training, professional assistance, multimedia courseware, assignments, and certifications. In addition to strategy and viral content creation, you study analytics and optimization. Life-changing audience engagement, branding, and revenue may result from a 3-6 month program.

Consider your schedule, money, and skills to expand on. Then consult institution officials to determine fit. Modern marketers must master social media; therefore, attending a course is best. Join today to become an expert in a few months.


Q1: Why do contemporary firms need social media marketing?

Modern customers interact online, mostly on social media. 72% of internet users use Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. Businesses have a huge chance to directly connect, develop, and sell to consumers via social marketing. Social marketing lets you target consumers at scale. Targeting segmented groups and promoting viral material makes it cost-effective. A successful social strategy is essential for every organization today.

Q2: What skills do Noida Sector 15 social media marketing courses teach?

Comprehensive social media courses cover platform basics and advanced tactics. Key talents include content optimization for engagement, viral content formats, community development, social listening, targeted paid marketing, campaign analytics utilizing relevant KPIs, and data-driven optimization. Top training programs also cover platform differences, like Facebook vs. LinkedIn marketing. Advanced classes address social commerce, influencer marketing, messaging app tactics, UGC leveraging, and more.

Q3: Which jobs or businesses benefit most from this training?

Social media has several uses:

  • Social media/marketing managers
  • Digital multi-channel marketers
  • Personal/company brand -building entrepreneurs
  • Agency or freelance marketing consultants
  • Sales teams are using social media to qualify and convert leads.
  • People in HR overseeing recruiting
  • Corporate communication teams managing reputation

Social media skills are useful in stakeholder engagement and lead generation positions.

Q4: What does a social media marketing course cost on average?

Noida has several excellent social media marketing courses around Rs. 15,000. On average, top institutions or long-term certificates cost Rs. 20,000 to Rs. 35,000. Course length, difficulty, trainer profiles, alumni access benefits, and institution brand equity determine pricing. All budgets include inexpensive, value-added solutions.

Q5: How long do certification programs usually last?

Full-spectrum social media marketing courses span from 1-2 months to 6–12 months. Even 15- to 30-day crash courses on the basics help beginners. For significant career or business demands, 3-6-month certifications assist in planning, content production, paid marketing, analytics, etc. while permitting practice. Capstone projects, alumni mentors, and placement aid enhance longer courses.



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