Leading Institutes to Master Website Designing Course in Greater Noida

Website Designing Course in Greater Noida

The digital revolution has changed all companies and sectors. Today, a website is essential for reaching global audiences. According to statistics, competent website designers in India would rise by over 20% yearly over the next several years. This has caused a proliferation of website design certification and certificate programs in major cities.

Due to its modern infrastructure and closeness to Delhi/NCR, Greater Noida has become a leading education center in North India. It has some of the best and most economical website design schools. These institutions teach everything from HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to using WordPress to develop feature-rich websites.

The program includes substantial hands-on instruction on Dreamweaver and Adobe Photoshop. Live projects and case studies increase practical learning throughout the curriculum. Many institutions partner with web design and digital marketing organizations to provide internships and jobs. This comprehensive and job-oriented approach to current website design prepares students for professional success.

For anybody wishing to learn Website Designing Course in Greater Noida, it has top-notch colleges, great infrastructure, inexpensive industry-aligned training, and plenty of career prospects.

Top 12 Institutes Offering Website Designing Course In Greater Noida

1. Webcademy

Webcademy is one of website designing course in Greater Noida certification and diploma providers, founded in 2010. Webcademy offers hands-on training on the newest web technologies to match business needs and emphasize job preparedness.

Their key highlights include:

  • This 6- to 12-month course covers all areas of professional website design and offers both online and classroom instruction.
  • Advanced HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, JQuery, PHP, MySQL modules.
  • Develop 15+ responsive websites using Dreamweaver and Visual Studio. Provide creative design instruction in Photoshop, Illustrator, and CorelDraw.
  • Live demo of WordPress, domains, and site hosting.
  • Special digital marketing foundations module
  • Course completion certification by industry associations
  • Employment aid from 500+ recruiters

Webcademy has placed over 1200 students in web developer jobs at reputable IT organizations due to its comprehensive curriculum, competent teachers (8+ years experience), and improved lab facilities.

2. Ambition Computer Institute

Ambition Computer Institute, founded in 2008, provides IT and software certifications, including a fast-track website design program:

  • 5-6 months rigorous diploma training in HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, JQuery, PHP, and MySQL.
  • Building Bootstrap-based interactive UIs
  • Live eCommerce site development using WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal.
  • Digital marketing primer
  • Curriculum connected with industry and employability
  • 100% job referral help

Weekend batch flexibility is available for working people seeking career changes at Ambition. Students learn to construct responsive, professional websites using the latest tools and technology.

3. Shiv Computer Institute

Shiv Computer Institute, founded in 2005, offers website design certificates in essential web development abilities.

  • 6 months fast-track HTML, CSS, JS, JQuery, PHP program
  • Special WordPress/Magento module
  • Introduction to SEO
  • Launching client websites using all learnt methods
  • Small batches for tailored mentorship
  • 100% job referrals with interview prep

Due to excellent industry networks, Shiv Computer Institute has placed 200+ students in Delhi/NCR web developer and designer professions.

4. Educet Computer Institute

In Greater Noida West, the education center, Educet Computer Institute offers industry-focused IT and software programs like:

  • Learn the newest client-side methods in a 6–12 month rigorous diploma program in Web Design & Development. HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Responsive design
  • MySQL database integration, PHP server-side programming
  • WordPress and Joomla application deployment
  • Active industrial projects and student portfolios
  • 100% interview prep with resume workshops
  • IT company employment guarantees

Faculty web developers run renovated computer laboratories on Educet’s vast campus. Educet’s job-focused training has led to 85% web design employment placements.

5. Arena Animation

Arena Animation is India’s top animation and multimedia school, founded in 1996. Arena Greater Noida offers a 6-month website designing course in Greater Noida certification program with its VFX, gaming, and animation courses. The courses are:

  • Modern HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript responsive web development
  • Create interactive web apps
  • E-commerce website development utilizing WordPress and Magento CMS platforms Cloud computing and hosting primer
  • Images created using Photoshop and Illustrator
  • 45+ portfolio site project hours
  • TCS iON authorized certification
  • Guaranteed employment aid with 100+ hiring partners
  • IT company internships

Arena has placed 500+ students in website designer jobs at top companies due to its industry network, lab facilities, and job-focused strategy.

6. Aptronics Software

Established in 2009, Aptronics Software is an ISO-certified institution offering industry-aligned IT education programs such as:

  • Six-month intense Web Design and Development certification
  • Learn HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript (ES6), JQuery
  • Build responsive UIs using Bootstrap
  • Live Project: Developed eCommerce sites in WordPress Digital Marketing modules: SEO/SEM basics
  • Workshops on resumes
  • Successful course completion certification
  • 100% job placement help

Aptronics has placed over 500 students in website design jobs with IT giants like TCS, Infosys, and Wipro with a brilliant faculty of web designers and developers.


In 2001, ACTC pioneered computer training programs in information technology, including:

  • Fast-track 5-6 month Website Design certification
  • Mastering HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, PHP, MySQL
  • Building responsive Bootstrap websites
  • Real-world web app development in education, tourism, and health
  • Interview prep workshops
  • 100% job referrals, internship help

ACTC Greater Noida has modern labs and web development mentors with 5+ years of experience. Due to its job-ready training technique, ACTC has an 80% placement rate in prominent IT businesses in Delhi/NCR.

8. Aiiit

Since 2004, ISO-certified Aiiit Computer Education has taught advanced IT certifications needed by the industry, including:

  • 5-month intensive website design and development program
  • UX design using HTML5, CSS3, ECMAScript, JQuery
  • PHP and MySQL backend programming mastery
  • Developing web applications using modern CMSs like WordPress and Magento.
  • 10+ specialty customer projects offering real-world exposure
  • Special module on new freelance opportunities
  • Interview preparation and guaranteed job referrals

Due to weekend batch possibilities, enhanced lab facilities, and professional mentors, Aiiit has placed over 300 students in website design and related positions.

9. Dreamuny

In 2016, Dreamuny Centre for Training Excellence launched 100% live online instructor-led programs to prepare students for the newest IT jobs:

  • 6-month intense Website Design certification
  • HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, JavaScript (ES6) responsive web development
  • Launching 10+ industry-grade WordPress sites
  • Special module on freelancing and startups
  • Interview coaching and resume seminars
  • Web developer job referrals
  • Student cohort includes professionals and college graduates.

Dreamuny has placed 250+ students in top IT firms using its LIVE online training technique and industry experts and employers network.

12. Pillar Institute

The 2010-founded Pillar Institute in Greater Noida West offers industry-focused IT, computer applications, and management degrees. They offer:

  • Full-stack Web Design (6-12 months)
  • HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, JQuery mastery
  • Creating responsive UIs for better viewing
  • Using WordPress, Magento, etc. to deploy websites
  • Building full-featured web apps in ecommerce, real estate, etc.
  • Interview prep workshops
  • 500+ recruiting partners place 100% of jobs.

For work preparedness, the Pillar institute emphasizes hands-on practical experience and personality development. Pillar Institute routinely places 90%+ website designers and developers due to its result-driven education strategy.

11. MTA

MTA India Intensive institution, founded in 2017, is a top intititute offering website designing course in Greater Noida. MTA India prepares students for profitable digital jobs by teaching cutting-edge web programming skills in integrated classroom programs.

Key institution highlights include:

  • 5+ years teaching web technology
  • Cool lab facilities
  • Partner with 120+ internship and placement businesses
  • 85% successful student placement
  • Course fee financing alternatives

MTA India provides a 6-month Website Design and Development certification course with a balanced academic and practical curriculum.

12. Intensive Institute

The 2015-founded Intensive Institute offers a top website designing course in Greater Noida. Through industry-aligned classroom programs, Intensive Institute prepares students for successful digital professions by teaching cutting-edge web development.

Key institution highlights:

  • 5+ years teaching web technology
  • Labs with air conditioning
  • Partnerships with 100+ internship and placement businesses
  • 80% successful student placement
  • Flexible course fee EMI options
  • The 6- to 12-month Website Design & Development certification course from Intensive Institute balances theory and practice.

The comprehensive curriculum involves constructing websites and web applications using the aforementioned competencies. Ecommerce, travel, real estate, and other industry-grade initiatives provide students with plenty of hands-on experience.

Who Can Join Website Designing Course In Greater Noida

Leading Greater Noida colleges provide website design degrees for digital professionals seeking a fulfilling career.

These website designing course in Greater Noida are appropriate for 12th-passed and undergraduate students who want to meet the need for experienced website designers across industries. It provides a strong foundation for web development careers with several employment options following course completion.

Weekend website design classes may also prepare non-technical workers like marketers and business administrators for web developer careers in IT organizations or as freelancers.

Short-term certificates are great for graphic designers, UI/UX developers, software programmers, etc. to enhance their portfolios. Website design talents enhance their technical skills, helping them to get senior web developer employment and salaries.

Website design programs in Greater Noida provide flexibility and quality training for students and working professionals across several fields to join the web development field or advance in their IT careers.


Q. What are the main requirements for website design programs?

These credentials need no programming knowledge or skills. Since the program teaches web development from scratch, 12th pass students, graduates, and non-technical professionals may take these website designing course in Greater Noida.

Q. What should one seek for in a web design training center?

The key factors to consider are mentor qualifications and experience, current lab and IT infrastructure, extensive curriculum covering client-side and server-side skills, enough live projects for practical exposure, active industry collaborations facilitating internships/jobs, course fee and financing options.

Q. What career opportunities and average salary can one expect after completing website design training?

Students may receive web developer, web designer, and UX/UI design jobs in IT organizations after learning these abilities. Candidates with expertise may apply for senior designer and UI development opportunities, which pay INR 3-6 lakhs for entry-level and 8-12 lakhs for mid-senior positions.

Q. How much does a website design course cost in Greater Noida? Are financing alternatives available?

Reputable colleges charge INR 20,000–35,000 for a 4-6-month full-time curriculum. To keep tuition reasonable, several colleges offer low EMIs. Weekend programs are shorter and cheaper.


Greater Noida is a location for high-quality technology education and training. The city has top website design certification colleges that provide competent workers to meet industry needs.

These intensive website designing course in Greater Noida teach students HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL, and WordPress. Students also learn Adobe Photoshop for UI prototyping, preparing them for web developer and designer jobs.

Students who graduate from top city website design schools are more qualified to work for tech corporations and digital marketing agencies. Website design in Greater Noida offers students and professionals a bright future with many opportunities, high wages, and huge development possibilities.



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